The Housewife Wannabe

With such awesome looking wife pictures and videos, I am thinking about a nice and hard wife fuck! How about you?

I did not get to the top of the food chain to vegetables LOLBut I would nibble on you.

Absolutelyy breathtaking pic - because that i have to create a new collection! Do its fit? I cant believe that this big one will not hurt. Does she try to take it? Please show a photo series or a video, PLAESE! I think there is something different between a toy and veggies. I find a them both hot in a woman ( rather they are in control of it, or the guy using in her) but the veggies are a little bit more of a turn on. Now is that for dinner or is it toy to compete with, i know i would love to set down and eat knowing where that toy has been and where my toy would like to be, YUM. 😁 I was just looking at the cucumbers at the grocery! Was picturing my wife taking one of them. 😈 Just wish I could kiss your belly, use the cucumber and feel my lips and tounge at the same time.