The Housewife Wannabe

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I especially love you little smile.Merci for the pics. Big hello from france.

Guys and gals, thanks so much for all the votes and kind words. Keep em cumming and we will keep the new stuff coming. @medicine: One can always dream, right. Hehe @Draxxon: You are a very naughty girl. ;p @drifting: Thank you so much. I am glad you like it. We figured it would be a nice treat. @hoselover: LOL, I hope you didn't make too big a mess. @rocknrolla: Well at least you have a plan. @lonesome: HAHA, thanks @gracia: You are so sweet. I am glad you enjoy it. @sexluv: I was thinking that. @guido: You are always so nice. Thanks for the leg love. @zaccaria: That is such a beautiful compliment. Thank you so much for the love. MUAH. @sexluvn: You are always bringing the love. Thanks. @MisterEight: HeHe! Thanks such a sweet compliment! Thanks! @nansoon: De Rien! J'ai une grande sourire sur ma visage! Merci! Je parle francais en peur. ~Ms. Twice~ I just want to print out this picture, frame it and look at it every day. But, I think my wife would object, so I'll just have to favourite it instead. I think you are beautiful, sensual and hot. And maybe if you did not wear the bra my heart could not handle all that charming beauty zac. All I can think about is how badly I want you on my bed in that pose, hehe ~Mrs.Draxxon~ I love U, yes, u heard correctly, i love U.And want to be loved by U, at least a little.