• In Massachusetts (or anywhere, really), it’s hard to come by a person who isn’t charmed by Martha’s Vineyard. Owning a house there—even a tiny little one—would be a dream!

  • The only way to understand how incredible the accomplishment of finishing a marathon feels is to actually run one. There are no words. And now that I’ve done it, I can see why so many people end up signing up for more.

  • You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack and move. The good thing is that moving kind of forces you to do a little bit of “cleaning”...

  • I have always loved Indian food. The rich combination of spices and herbs used in their cuisine is nothing short of mouthwatering and amazing—it awakens all my senses.

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I love Stella McCartney. The daughter of former Beatle member, Sir Paul McCartney, Stella has proven to be one extremely gifted designer who, as a lifelong vegetarian, is committed to creating stylish, trendy and beautifully made fashion that is 100% cruelty free. She does not use fur, leather nor certain animal-derived fabrics in any of her designs. It’s kind of hard to believe that such a designer could make it into the high-end fashion market and still be highly respected, don’t you think?


This week, as I talked to my husband, friends and family about our latest lifestyle change (we’ve had to answer to a lot of questions, as expected), the one word I noticed kept coming up in our various conversations was, discipline. People always claim that they are not “disciplined enough” to follow through with their plans to better their eating habits or meet their fitness goals.


You may have noticed that I was never a maxi-dress kind of girl. After reading (over and over) in fashion magazines and hearing on several fashion TV-shows that “petite girls should stay away from maxi-dresses”, I immediately discarded the idea of ever owning one. However, I won’t lie, I’ve always secretly admired them. How could I not? You know what they say, “you always want what you can’t have”.


I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic upon seeing photos of Kelly Framel’s (The Glamourai) most recent trip to my home country of Brasil. She has been there a few times before, but something about this trip in particular and the way she documented it through photos, really made me feel extremely homesick.


I love risotto. It’s one of those comforting dishes that you can enjoy pretty much all year long. Ever since I learned to make my own, healthier versions right here from the comfort of my home, the creamy, ultra cheesy, buttery versions you can order at many restaurants no longer appeal to me. Why eat these unhealthy extra calories when I can make a risotto that is just as rich, fulfilling, delicious and, best of all, is guilt-free?