About me

Born in Brazil, raised in Boston and now a resident of Guatemala. 

I'm an open minded, sometimes stubborn, liberal yet somewhat traditional, twenty something housewife who loves animals, art, fashion, design, yoga, running marathons, traveling the world, being oceanside, reading, eating lot's of wholesome foods, immersing myself in different cultures and who was born a Catholic, but was raised with the liberty to explore (and never judge) other beliefs.

I'm proud of my roots (Ukrainian, Dutch, Brazilian and American, if you're wondering), my family, my life-experiences, my failures and my accomplishments and It's fair to say that I consider myself to be a very grounded individual who has been raised to love and accept others without judgement. I'm also a recently converted vegan and have never felt better in my life.

I created this little space as a daily journal of my thoughts and opinions, and as a way to express my passion for all the things above mentioned. Here, you'll never hear me discuss religion, politics or go into deep details of my family and personal life. It's important to mention that this is NOT a fashion blog. Although I do love fashion, I am not a fashion forward, avant-garde and overly trendy person. All fashion-related posts reflect my personal style, which I consider to be more classic, refined, informal and somewhat conservative.

Welcome to The Housewife Wannabe community! I hope you'll find it inspiring and always enjoy what you read. And although I don't expect you to agree with absolutely everything I post, I do expect you to express your opinions in a respectful and constructive manner.

Happy reading!