March 2013

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Fashion Week in São Paulo has to be the biggest in all of Latin & South America. Just as New York and Europe do for countries around the world, each year, the Spring/Summer Collections shown in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo help set the summer fashion trends here in Latin America. I mean, if there's a country that understands what a summer lifestyle requires, it's Brazil. Brazilians LIVE for summer and the beach.

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As I told you last week, my husband and I will be spending the week here at the beach. We've decided to take a break from the citylife and extend our Semana Santa holiday by getting here a few days early. Both our lives have been very demanding and emotionally draining these past few weeks, so even though we still have to get (some) work done while we're here, somehow, working while listening to the ocean waves sounded like a much better idea.

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Today I woke up feeling a little grumpy; the stress and pressures of the week finally took a toll on me. To top it off, yesterday's traffic did not help (what was that all about? Please don't tell me it was the rain), but then I thought, "why am I so grumpy for? Today is Friday!" So I got up, got dressed, went for a run, and for a little Friday pampering at the salon. What is it about a pedicure that completely transforms your mood?

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Spring is finally here! And to celebrate my favorite season of the year, I've decided to talk about one of the hottest spring trends of 2013: Florals! What better print to get us in the mood for this bright and colorful season? 

After months of blacks, browns, burgundy, grays and heavy, thick fabrics, it's time to uplift our spirits and welcome brighter, happier colors into our lives. It's amazing how revived we feel when we put away our gloomy winter clothes and take out our lighter, fresher and colorful spring (and summer) wardrobe.

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Hello ladies, as I am working hard to finish some projects before the Semana Santa craziness starts, I must admit that I am already daydreaming about our trip to Rio Dulce that will undertake next week (big time). And even though I am running around while trying not to overlook any details, my mind is already with one foot out of the door. So for this post, I couldn't help but tell you about this wonderful hotel, Villa La Banane, on the island of St. Barth in the Caribbean.

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Guerlain, a parisian brand which, in my opinion, creates some of the highest quality makeup in the world (I LOVE their eyeshadows), and that is also known for making the BEST bronzers in the industry- the Terracotta Collection- has now launched the Terracotta 4 Seasons, a bronzer which comes with 4 different shades and that is meant to

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Can you believe that we're only a few days away from Semana Santa (Holy Week- BIG holiday over here)? Time has gone by so fast that we haven't even thought about what our plans will be. Maybe we'll head to the beach (as we do every year) or perhaps we'll do something different- we'll see. Do you girls have any plans?

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Well, hello! Sorry for the absence, but lately it feels as if everything is happening at once and I feel a little left behind on my own life, if that’s even possible. Some days I don’t even know what day of the week it is!

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I love Anthropologie, the entire concept of the store makes me smile. From their charming home accessories to their colorful and fun jewelry, it's hard to walk out of there empty handed. And now with their "Away We Go: Thailand" video, they've managed to conquer my heart yet again. Their newest collection is simply gorgeous, and the destination they've chosen, well, couldn't be more perfect! Talk about nostalgia!

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Hello ladies, I really feel that this year Pantone has chosen one of the most beautiful and inspiring colors ever as the 2013 Color of The Year. In my opinion, Emerald is just too gorgeous and such an inspiring and uplifting shade! Today, I wanted to show you some examples of how this stunning color works well, in fashion & interiors. Fashion you ask? Yep, many times I look at fashion to see what textures, fabrics, shapes and colors are "a la mode", as the two trades completely inspire each other.