February 2013

by Bárbara
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Hi everyone, today I want to share some pretty exciting news with all of you: for a limited time only, Big Apple will be bringing the most exclusive, original and one-of-a-kind oriental rugs to Guatemala! A beautiful and quality rug is not only one of the smartest decor investments you can make but, they also change the entire ambience of the room. They create warmth and add charm, color and personality. Plus, they last a lifetime- and sometimes even longer!

by Bárbara
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Hello ladies! You know how it is so tempting to buy clothes for kids, just because everything just looks so much cuter being small?! Well, I guess the same goes for design! A tiny little Ghost chair (the pink and red ones in the first picture) or a Verner Panton chair (the curved pink one in the first picture) just makes me smile.

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As you may already know, last Friday Gian, my father and I accompanied a group of friends on an adventure we'll never forget: hiking and spending the night at the summit of Acatenango Volcano, one of the highest of 22 volcanoes in Guatemala.

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Who watched the Oscars last night? Well, I can FINALLY say that I did!! Luckily, I was able to get home just in time to watch it from start to finish (good Lord, was it a long show!). I'll admit, though, I completely missed the red carpet coverage. So I can't say that I saw too much of the fashion- only of those who appeared throughout the show (thus the reason for my short list!).

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As I have previously mentioned in a couple of posts, I am not very fond of high temperatures. I’m a winter person, I love sunny, windy mornings that peacefully evolve to chilly evenings and cold nights. I love cuddling up on the couch with my husband and our furbaby either in front of the TV or the fireplace. A nice cup of chocolate or even better, a glass of good red wine, puts the cherry on top.  Aaaah, cold evenings. 

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First it was the BB Cream, now come the CCs. I swear, it's like our quest for flawless looking skin is never-ending! Show a woman a small bottle that promises her magical, photoshop-looking results, and she's sold. But what is the difference? What does the CC Cream offer that the BB couldn't deliver? 

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Hello ladies! This Monday I started the week much better than the last. I had a lovely weekend, hormones are in control and work is looking good. So, here we go! This week I want to share with you the home of a lovely Australian artist, Kirra Jamison, whose work I admire greatly. I would love to own one of her pieces some day, as I find that I love the shapes, forms and colors she uses and just looking at one of her paintings boosts my mood as they have a beautiful, enchanting quality.

by Bárbara
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Fashionable and stylish, two adjectives we tend to use interchangeably and synonymously these days, yet two words which, for me, have completely different meanings- okay, maybe not so much before but after reading the thought-provoking article, "The Circus of Fashion", in the NY Times by Susy Menkes (whose writing I adore), I was forced to stop and think about this a little bit further.

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I've never looked forward to a Monday as much as I did today! After a lovely Valentine's Day spent in the company of our closest friends and a restful, and quite tranquil, weekend at the beach, I woke up this morning actually looking forward to the week ahead. Perhaps I'm just happy that I'll be seeing my dad in a matter of days, or maybe I'm just anxious for our volcano expedition to happen. It will be my first volcano hike here in Guatemala and we'll be setting-up camp at the crater to spend the night up there above the clouds.

by Bárbara
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Just taking a moment to wish all of you a very happy Valentine's Day! Let today be about love, compassion, affection, friendship and, of course, lot's of passion. Take a moment to show those you cannot live without (friends, family, lovers, employees) just how much they mean to you.

Today is the day to forget about all your troubles, put your pride aside, and open up your heart. Sooner or later, you'll realize just how much a few minutes of love can brighten-up a person's life. So smile, embrace and be a little kinder to those you cross paths with today.