November 2012

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As you can imagine, choosing the "Simple Things" for this week was no simple task! Our week in Paris has been so amazing that if I could, I'd say that every little thing and every single moment we've had here has been special. I absolutely LOVE this place (have I said that enough?).

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Hi ladies, do you remember the Flea Market event Big Apple had last year, the one I talked about here? Well, it was so successful that they've decided to have another one this year as well! Sadly, I will not be in Guatemala during the Flea Market dates (I'll be in Asia), but if you are, you MUST Save-The-Date and pay them a visit! You will not regret it!

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Hello ladies! Every so often I like to consult a dear friend of mine, Noelle, who is very spiritual. I guess we have a good connection, apart from her having this incredible gift, as it is quite amazing what she sees without even playing her cards. Last time, I was lucky enough to spend some time with her and apart from many other impactful things, she said something that may seem trivial to many, yet intrigued me. 

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After an exhaustive and eternal 11-hour flight from Mexico City, we arrived in Paris yesterday ready and excited to spend an entire week in our favorite city in the world. Paris is beautiful this time of year...cold, but beautiful nonetheless.

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Phew. The time has FINALLY come! After many months of exhaustive planning (and saving!), we are leaving on our Paris-Bangkok-Phuket-Con Dao one month-long (Saturday)! Next time I talk to you, I'll likely be sitting on a small desk over-looking the Eiffel Tower.

I have a feeling this will be a very inspirational trip, so stay tuned because I don't plan on disappearing! I'll be updating the blog every-other-day to keep you on the loop and take you on this unforgettable journey with me!

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Today I’d like to divert from my usual foodie talk and climb the proverbial soapbox to talk about something that has been increasingly on my mind and heart lately—gratitude. Although I don’t personally celebrate Thanksgiving, I do love the idea of getting together with friends and family around the table with the only purpose of giving thanks for all the blessings (and blessings in disguise) in our lives. 
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Today, I am thankful. Thankful for having a husband who loves me and devotes his life and heart to me. For having a family who is always by my side, believing in me and accompanying me through life's successes and struggles. I'm thankful for having loving (and adorable) furry children, who love me unconditionally and teach me patience, tolerance, responsibility and to appreciate the simple things in life - daily - making me feel like a child again.
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Hello ladies! Since I was born and raised in The Netherlands, and that is where my family still lives, we try to go and visit every year (it is a looooong trip, though, with two young kids!). One of the things I love most about being in Europe is that it is so easy to take a weekend trip to a magnificent city in a nearby country where everything is inspirational and different! Last year, my mom treated me to a weekend trip to Paris for my birthday, visiting the world famous Maison & Objet Fair.

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First of all, I'm sorry if the blog has been a little slow on content lately. To start, it's our 2-year wedding anniversary today, then we've been transferring the blog to it's new server (new layout and all - it's been complicated), and finally, it's our last few days until we head off to Paris. There's been a lot going on.

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As you most likely heard, the Saul E. Mendez fashion show for their Winter 2012 Collection took place on Saturday, November 10th. As always, the event was organized to impress: hip, trendy, innovative and filled with beautiful & fashionable people - thousands attended, it was a lot of fun!