May 2012

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We've been blessed with gorgeous weather these past couple of days; the days are sunny and warm and the nights are crisp and cool, just how I like it! Actually, today started out a bit foggy and gloomy (much to my dismay - getting out of bed with foggy weather is not easy). But after a little while, the fog disappeared and the sun came right out - shiny and bright - giving me the energy to not only have an early start, but to head straight to Yoga right after an intense TRX workout.

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While organizing my closet a few days ago, I realized that I have a whole spectrum of colors missing and very few clothes in red and blue; which is really odd considering blue is a color that makes my eyes "pop," and red is a color I believe every woman should embrace - it's sexy, feminine and incredibly empowering! (But it must be worn tastefully!)

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I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my makeup and my makeup "secrets". Honestly, my makeup application is quite basic and simple - I'm no expert, and can't apply eyeliner for the life of me!

But since I believe a girl should embrace her natural beauty, I tend to use very little makeup in my daily life anyway, only wearing heavy eyeshadows and eyeliners when I have fancy, formal events to attend. And if that's the case, I prefer to have my makeup done professionally. So honestly, as much as I love makeup, "less is more" in my book.

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It's been a while since I've shared tabletop inspirations with you, hasn't it? After moving apartments and all the mayhem that happened before and after the move, I must say setting the table properly was a task I did not have much time for. And when I'm not in the "Housewife mode", I rarely even search for inspirations online - and you know that I am ALL about the "inspirations!" 

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Apart from having a minor neck injury and spending half the week in a total daze (from the painkillers), I have to say this week was a very good one! Not only did we get to see a friend we haven't seen in a couple of years, but Gisa & Peter arrive tonight, Emma has fully recovered from her surgery, and we (finally) ordered some of our bedroom furniture! I'm psyched!

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Amongst ALL the blogs I read, I found a reference to this little blog that is written by a 9-year-old about her daily meals at a public school cafeteria in London. Yes, a NINE-year-old! I feel so old…a NINE-year-old is blogging. 
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It's nothing new for you girls that for me, a healthy diet, a reasonable amount of supplements, plenty of water, exercise, a good night's sleep, a balanced lifestyle, and the complete and thorough removal of makeup at the end of each day, is the secret to healthy-looking skin. But although I believe that beauty truly comes from within - how you treat your body from the inside has everything to do with how it will look on the outside - I still think we should try to invest in good products that will enhance our skin's beauty by respecting its natural balance.

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You've probably seen these small, round, stuffed leather ottomans in all your favorite Décor magazines. But I guess you didn't know that due to the quality of their leather and detailed embroidery, these extremely functional and versatile little ottomans actually take an average of 40 hours to create - by hand! Pretty amazing, huh?

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I'm a girl who loves shoes and who thinks of shoes as works of art. I appreciate their design, originality, comfort (or lack thereof), quality and their functionality. I must admit though, it's almost impossible to find a pair of cool & hip designer heels that is as comfortable as it's beautiful - That's a fact, no matter how expensive the shoes are. Actually, the only designer whom I think tries to stay true to comfort is Manolo Blahnik.

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Ah, this rainy weather makes me want to stay home on my couch watching movies and eating popcorn all day. Waking up early this morning to go to the gym was so challenging, I think I was still somewhat asleep halfway through my workout.