April 2012

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Today is a big day for us - it's the day we "officially" move into our new apartment. I say "officially" because the truth is, we started moving last Wednesday all through the weekend. As you can imagine, we have had a number of extremely busy and exhausting days ever since we came back from Dallas; waking up at 5:00am, going to gym, coming home, getting some work done, packing, packing some more, moving the boxes we packed to the other apartment, and then unpacking them.

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The staple of any self-respecting kitchen (at least in Guatemala) is a hearty, flavorful, tomato sauce that can be used on a wide variety of dishes; from a humble pair of scrambled eggs to a cheesy and gooey lasagna, with just a few tweaks on the stove.

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The sisters and cousins, Claire, Prisca, Jenna and Virginie Courtin-Clarins are tall, French, beautiful, stylish, down-to-earth and the grand-daughters of the founder of the beauty brand I love: Clarins. Ever since they joined the international "jetset group," this quartet has been an obsession for everyone in the fashion industry. They are in advertisements, magazines, blogs and on the front row of every fashion show that matters.

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We may have come home to Guatemala last night, but my mind is certainly still in Dallas. We had such a lovely stay with Gisa, Peter and my two furry nieces, that the thought of coming back broke my heart. This trip just wasn't long enough...I wish we could have stayed longer.

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The weather in Dallas has been absolutely incredible since we arrived. Besides the little bit of rain we got on Friday morning, the forecast has been completely clear. There's a particular "crispness" to the Spring in the U.S that is different from anywhere else, and I didn't realize how much I missed it until we came here.

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Have you ever overcooked a (very expensive) roasted tenderloin? Or worse, have you ever served your beautiful Christmas turkey only to find out while carving it that it was not fully cooked? Have you dropped a fish stick into the hot oil only for it to turn charcoal black in 10 seconds?  
All of the above situations could have been avoided by the use of a thermometer. It takes the guesswork out of cooking and guarantees that you get the same result every time you make your favorite dish. 
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Today's "Simple Things" is dedicated to the most important and special person in my life: my husband.

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Hi girls, today's post is going to be a quick one. I'm here at a restaurant in the airport trying to take a few minutes to myself after a very hectic morning (woke up at 4:30am!), right before boarding my flight to Dallas. We'll be in Dallas for a few days to relax, and to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law and her husband. It'll be good to get out of the country for a bit...

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It's hard to think about Summer when we've been living with foggy, wet, and gloomy weather for the past week. Guatemala's weather has always been somewhat predictable (Spring all year, with the exception of the wet season), but lately it has been acting really strange (now, for example, it's hot and sunny!). Have you noticed it too, or is it only me?

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I've told you here before that every time Saúl E. Méndez has an event, not only is it extraordinary, but it's always superbly creative, innovative, trendsetting and fun. It's never just a "fashion show," it's a day-long event packed with different activities and performances for you to relax and enjoy the always stunning locations they choose.