March 2012

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It's the Friday before "Semana Santa!" You have no idea how psyched I am to be heading to the beach for an entire week! There's nothing more relaxing to me than hearing the sound of the ocean waves and feeling the delightful ocean breeze on my face. It's heaven on earth!

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Hollandaise Sauce is one of my favorite sauces because it is mainly made with butter and I love butter.  However, it is very tricky to make as well as time-consuming, so I was very happy when I found this cheat recipe from Ms. Martha Stewart herself. It comes out with a beautiful texture, thick and very savory.

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Hi girls, I know I've been owing you a "Look of The Day" post for a while - sorry, sorry! The thing is...with my newly adapted schedule, it's been tough finding the time to get all dressed up to go out of the house to run very simple tasks. But since we had a dinner last night to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend of mine, who I adore and who means the world to me, I figured I could take a few minutes to capture a couple of pictures before leaving the house to give you "The Look of The Day" you have all been asking for!

You see how I think of you? Hehe

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Lately, the unfinished and rustic look of these thick wood dining tables have been incredibly appealing to me. The character, warmth and provincial feel they add to a home really fits my decorating personality.

"Contemporary Provincial" is the style I'm aiming for my home; it's cozy and inviting, but at the same time elegant and timeless. And these unfinished dining tables really show the details of the wood used to build them - which I absolutely admire and adore.

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It's official - the countdown to "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) has now begun! Being less than a week away, I can imagine many of you have been running around organizing and planning your "Semana Santa" so you can get the most out of this week-long holiday.

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When I made the switch to an iPhone, I instantly became addicted to Instagram. I don't know what it is about this application that makes people go bananas for it. Maybe it's all the cool effects you can add to your pictures, or maybe it's because it's a more interactive and visual form of social networking.

All I know, is that in the short two weeks that I've had this {awesome} phone, I've been able to capture a number of pictures for all of you to see.

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When it comes to our "Style Crush" posts,  I always try to bring you a variety of international faces and personalities; faces that are often familiar and at times, faces that are different. I try to inspire you with the styles of celebrities, bloggers, socialites, photographers, models and the many stylish women in the fashion industry today - many of which of some you may have never heard of.

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Ahhhh, always make me smile! Specially after a week like this! Wouldn't you agree that the feeling you get when you close your work day and head off to enjoy the weekend is undeniably one of the greatest ones? Ah, it's so relieving.

For me, this week was a week of adaptation; trying to adapt to my newly acquired tasks, schedule, routines and diet. It was also a busy week - planning a cocktail party for a couple of friends - and a week of revelations.

And Gosh, did it go by fast!

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Ah, cooking with fresh herbs! Watching Jaimie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay cook in those spacious, well-lit kitchens with a big bowl full of bunches of fresh herbs brings a smile to my face. Their shows inspired me to plant my own little herb patch (potted, of course…I didn’t want my dog to eat or contaminate them). I envisioned myself cutting big bunches of fresh and fragrant sprigs of parsley or rosemary and my own fresh chives, just a few moments before using them in my dishes. So with that romantic picture in mind, I went to a greenhouse, bought all the herbs I use the most and sur

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You can have a drawer filled with sexy lingerie and La Perla underwear, but if you don't have a good collection of comfortable and practical under garments - that fit you how it's supposed to (85% of women wear the wrong bra size) - then my friend, you need to go get yourself measured and buy some - now! It's  amazing how much a properly fitted bra can do for you.