February 2012

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After watching the Grammy's this year, and seeing how both the Academy and the fans still idolized Chris Brown (rewarding him with a Grammy and 2 live performances) after his awful and unforgiving assault towards Rihanna (read the court papers with the details here), and the horrific comments some young girls were posting on Twitter (i.e: "I'd let Chris Brown beat me any time"), I came to realize that ma

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Last week, the "Style Crush" of the blog was Blair Eadie, owner of the Atlantic-Pacific blog I discovered many of you already knew about and loved. And while I was looking through her pictures and choosing the ones to share with you on the "Style Crush" post, I couldn't help but notice that sometimes Blair likes to play with her nail polishes and wear 2 different contrasting shades at once.

I thought it was an ADORABLE and really refreshing idea.

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This year I can't give much of an opinion about what happened in the Oscars. Unfortunately, we left the beach house kind of late on Sunday and arrived home just in time to watch the last few awards - including the Angelina "episode," which I thought was kind of awkward. But hey, it's Angelina and she can get away with pretty much anything. Honestly, all I could think about when she was on stage was how much I think she should gain a few pounds. She looked so frail!

Oh, and I was VERY happy when Meryl Streep won. She's fantastic!

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I don't think I have ever worn printed pants in my life, with the exception of pajamas, much less silky ones. But when I saw these on sale at Massimo Dutti last week, I thought "why not?" After all, they've been in style for over a year now and they seemed incredibly comfortable.

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This week couldn't have ended soon enough. A few years ago, I used to get through my long hours at work by drinking at least 5-6 cups of coffee a day. It was insane. And I'm not talking about the coffee you make at home, I'm talking about Starbucks coffee...the strongest one available. As expected, it got to be so much that my body eventually forced me to cut down to 2-3 cups at the most. I have proudly maintained that number for a couple of years now, well...until this week.

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Either if you cook every day or only on special occasion, having the right tools is crucial. It doesn’t mean you can’t cook wonders in the kitchen with just a spatula and a knife, but the right tools will bring the stress factor considerably down, and will make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

There is only one rule of thumb for choosing and buying your kitchen tools: the more you'll use it, the better quality it should be. It's the same rule for shoes and handbags, you spend less on the trendy stuff and splurge on the classics that you know you'll wear over and over again.

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Blair Eadie, owner of the inspirational Atlantic-Pacific blog, recently admitted that she does not like to spend too much money on one specific clothing item. Instead, she prefers to invest her hard-earned money on handbags. And with an ever-changing and chameleon-like style, it's an absolutely understandable (and quite obvious) reason.

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 Every year, 46 days before Easter, Brazil closes down for 6 days to celebrate the much anticipated "Carnaval" (or "Carnival" as it's called in the US). This year, Carnaval is being celebrated as we speak. And since I've been receiving some emails with questions about this holiday, I decided to just come here and tell you a little bit about it.

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Hello ladies, sorry this post is a little late. I got caught-up doing some stuff around the house and completely lost track of time (is it really already lunchtime?).

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While looking at the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion shows, in search of inspiration for my next magazine article, I found that there were three makeup trends that kept showing-up on the runways; bright orange-reddish lips, well-defined cat-eyes, and avant-garde glittery shadows.