October 2011

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Just because I don't dress up for Halloween, it doesn't mean that I'm not excited about it. I love seeing all the different costumes the kids (and their pets) wear and all the cool decorations people put so much effort into for their homes. Oh, and the candy! Can't forget about the candy!!

Yup, it's pretty exciting. I could eat the candy all-day-long.

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After about 3 weeks of non-stop rain, we were finally able to pack our shorts, Havaianas & bathing-suits and head over the beach house for a restful weekend with the family. It was so refreshing to disconnect and to do absolutely nothing but eat, read, and lay out by the water, enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather we had.

And because we were locked out of the house for about 1 hour when we arrived (long story short, the housekeeper didn't know we were coming), I was able to take a few pictures to show you what I wore for the road trip there.

Check it out:

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This week's "Simple Things" are not really simple, I admit it. But still, they are things that made me happy, and that I'll sure cherish for a very long time.

You see, many times when my husband asks if I want to buy a new couch, or a new bed, or whatever for the house, I have a mental argument with myself..."do I buy the new couch, or do I go on vacation?" and in these arguments the vacations, or the new clothes, always win - until a few days ago, thanks to my husband, who's the best husband in the world.

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Kay Montano is absolutely huge in the makeup industry. Not only does she "re-invent rules and challenge the conventional notions of beauty," she works only with the top magazines, fashion designers and A-list celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson - ladies I'm sure we can agree always look flawless in that department!
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Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day. We spend hours, sometimes even days, looking for the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry, the perfect hairstyle, the perfect shoes, the perfect nail polish (yes, nail polish) and of course...the perfect makeup.

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Everyone knows cooking is not my thing. I love eating and I'm really great at it, but cooking....hmmmm, not so much! So when I invited my friend Hans from Wunderkeks (remember him?) to teach me how to make cupcakes, I warned him that I had never baked a cake before in my life. NEVER! Not even the boxed ones.

Yes. That bad!

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I've been obsessing with colors lately. And now that I have found a brand new couch, I've been trying to look for different color combinations to make my living room "more lively & fun." Colors make such a big impact a room, and I feel that when you walk into a house that is full of color, you immediately feel at ease and in a good mood, which is exactly how I want my guests to feel at my house...right at home.

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The countdown to Halloween has officially begun!! And to start off, I want to share some of the cutest Halloween costume ideas for the furry ones in your family. After all, if your children will be dressing up, so should your doggies! There's nothing cuter than seeing kids with their dogs trick or treating together.

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Bianca and I have a couple things in common: our birthday and our brazilian heritage - that's about it. European Socialite, Heiress, and Long-Legged Beauty are words that would never describe me even if I tried (or wanted to).

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Girls, Big Apple is having a workshop this Wednesday at 9:30am, where Ana Silvia de Castillo, a professional organizer, is going to show you how you can plan your holiday season stress free! So if you want to have a wonderful & beautiful holiday season without wasting any precious time away from your family, make sure you stop by!!