September 2011

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Today has been one crazy day.

To start, we ended up going to bed extremely late last night (it was a friend's birthday party), only to wake up SUPER early (my husband had an important meeting), then head over to the immigration office to extend my visa once again (it's been 4 times!), come back home, have some lunch, rest a little, go to salon, and soon get ready to stop by a graduation party....phew!

Thank God we're spending the weekend at the beach! (Yaaaaaay!!)

But before we go, here are the "Simple Things" of the week:

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Today's recipe takes me way back to my former cold, and crisp work days in Boston.

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To celebrate her upcoming birthday next month, one of my fabulous readers from New York City decided to treat herself to the ultimate birthday gift: a brand new handbag! Yaaaaay! We are such bagaholics (and shoe addicts) here, aren't we?

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I'm not quite sure how I feel about these metallic Alexander Wang sandals. I'm all for "statement shoes," just as much as I'm all for "statement jewelry," but something about these sandals make me think of Lady Gaga. And when it comes to fashion, I'm not sure Lady Gaga is one I can relate or identify with.

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It's the middle of the week, and as I've said here before, Wednesdays normally drag for me. Don't ask me why, they just do. Maybe it's a psychological thing that started back when I used to work full-time.

So to pick myself up (and maybe even some of you), why not drool (and fantasize) over some really inspiring and gorgeous designs? There's nothing like the feeling you get when you're looking at something beautiful...wouldn't you agree?

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I think all women can agree that men look their best when they are wearing a suit. There's something so charming, so sophisticated and so polished about screams confidence. And we all know, confidence (among all things) is what attracts women the most. A confident man stands out from the crowd.

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Apparently, Hedvig is a pretty big deal.

This tall, slender, sophisticated, smart and influential trendsetter did not start off as many other fashionistas did. Before she entered the fast-paced and fabulous lifestyle of the fashion industry, Hedvig actually studied mathematics and worked as a banker! A banker!! How often do you see THAT?

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There's no denying that wedding season is right around the corner here in Guate-Town. Between October and December, I think I have about 8 weddings to attend - at the very least! And with all these weddings coming up, I'm sure the hunt for dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup looks and hairstyles has already begun with full force, not only for the brides themselves, but for the family and guests as well. After all, we have to look fabulous too!

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A while ago, the brazilian bloggers of Com Drama invaded a closet that I find not only impressive in content, but also in organization: the (super) envious closet of the gorgeous Viviane Piquet, the 40 year- old wife of former brazilian 3- time world champion Formula 1 driver, Nelson Piquet. A woman who, in my opinion, has a very classic, elegant, and sophisticated sense of style.