August 2011

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Good morning, ladies! I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. I know that normally the blog has two daily posts (during the week), but I admit that with the party being only 3 days away, and with my dad's arrival this afternoon...I've had no time. I hope you understand!

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Girls, remember when I told you about this super awesome workshop Big Apple is offering on the 1st of September? Well, don't forget to reserve your spot!

I'm definitely going to be there, and if it's anything like the first one I went, I guarentee you won't be disappointed!!

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You know a girl has become a designer's muse as soon as a handbag is named after her. And Alexa Chung is one of those lucky girls. This British model, MTV star, and fashion journalist has a style that is so original, she has everyone inspired.

I personally love her careless, bohemian, free-spirited, and super chic style. I don't think I could pull it off myself (I lack the long legs she clearly loves to show off), but I still find her incredibly interesting and always find some sort of inspiration in everything she puts together.

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On Saturday, my hubby and I went to have a casual lunch at "Dim Sum Restaurant" with a couple of friends of ours. The day was so sunny, hot and beautiful, we just had to get out of the house and make the best of it - especially, knowing that the rain could come in any minute, as it always does.

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You know, Google is a beauty! You can find anything you want by simply typing a few words. It's genius! And now, thanks to Google, I have more juicy details on Kim Kardashian's wedding to share with you.

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Girls, I'm so excited to show you the "Goodie Bags" we're going to distribute to the first 150 guests to arrive at the "Launch Party!" You have no idea how long and how hard we have been working on these! It took WEEKS of numerous phone calls, hundreds of emails, and several meetings to come up with the final product.

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We are now one week away from the blog's Launch Party. I cannot believe it! Time has gone by so fast!

And let me tell you, I needed to take the day off yesterday for all the reasons I told you, and also because I know for a fact this upcoming week is going to be BANANAS.

There are so many details to finalize, so many invitations to deliver, so many meetings to attend, so many other events to go to...I can tell, I won't have much time left for myself.

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With this unpredictable rainy weather, all I want to do is stay home watching chic-flicks (or my recorded collections of the "Real Housewives" seasons), drinking hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch with Frankie. And it was with that idea in mind, that I decided to share a version of the "Mayan Hot Chocolate" recipe with you girls!

This hot chocolate is not the typical hot chocolate you are used to having since you were a kid....this is a grown- up version. It's very rich, and it's full of flavors that you wouldn't typically think of blending with chocolate.

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....I decided to take the day off!

First, because I am burnt out. Secondly, because I have a million things to do for the Launch Party and lastly, and most importantly, because my hubby had Lasik surgery and needs my full attention.

But don't worry, it will only be for a day! The blog should return to its normal schedule tomorrow!


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Since it has been a while since I've done a "Setting The Table" post for you ladies, and since the last video I made was a huge success, I decided to shoot another one - this time MUCH shorter - to show you how I set my table for breakfast.

For this post, I opted for a more casual and "everyday" set of china so you girls can see that you can still create a very chic, super fun, and elegant table setting with a plain and casual china set - something I know we ALL have, right?