July 2011

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Many of you have been asking about Frankie (our furry son), and what his story is. Well, it actually started with my mother.

My mom has always been a HUGE dog lover. The kind who always took a puppy she found on the street home. So as a result, I've been surrounded by dogs every since I was a little girl. I think there was a time that we actually had more than 7 dogs...and each and every single one of them was treated like family.

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Here are the "Simple Things" of a week that has been nothing short of incredible for me. So much has been accomplished, and I cannot wait to share all the details of the Launch Party with you girls! I've been working extremely hard to make it a fabulous event, and I really hope you can go and share that special day with me.

It will mean the world to me. So stay tuned, because next week I'll be able share a little bit more!

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I'm not sure if you know this, but I'm a total sucker for anything with mushrooms. One of the easiest things I have my housekeeper make for lunch is a nice piece of steak with a mushroom sauce drizzled on top. It's super easy so there's no way of messing it up,  and it's quick- which is perfect for those super hungry days when you just can't wait!

Ah, I hate those days!

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It's nothing new that today's society is completely obsessed with looking young. And as I have mentioned here, we should start taking care of our skin from our early 20's by wearing SPF every single day, and by moderating our sun exposure. I like to call it "preventive" care. Another great little thing that goes a long way, is a deep cleansing facial every now and then. I've started to have one once a month, and I can already see the results.

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Good morning, girls! Yesterday I told you about an art event my husband and I attended last week. Today, I want to show you what I wore to said event. Now, it was very hot there (there was no drinking water & I don't drink beer), and the lighting made it extremely difficult to take good pictures (of people), so please forgive me for my flustered face and the lack of quality in the images...

We tried, we really did!


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Last week, my husband and I attended a pretty cool art event at the Ixchel Museum, where a pretty well-known local artist, Valenz, painted one of his masterpieces LIVE! It was really amazing to watch. Especially, because a painting normally takes several hours and several days to finish. It was fascinating to see him do it in just a short amount of time.

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Girls, as I've mentioned before, I am planning a launch party for the blog, which is going to be AMAZING- by the way, and being the super perfectionist and planning freak that I am, I've been browsing the internet for decor inspiration for (literally) hours every single day.

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This is a post I haven't done since January (the blog's very first month!), and since a reader has asked for it to come back, I said "why not?" Plus, who isn't curious to know what other people carry around in their handbags, anyway? I can tell you that sometimes I feel like I carry my entire life with me. And most people that feel the weight of my handbag, usually can't quite understand how I don't have a back problem - yet.

So there you go ladies. Here is what's inside my handbag today:

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Girls, yesterday I made the most exciting discovery: Russian "It Girl," Miroslava Duma (I posted about her, here), now has a blog of her own! The blog is obviously in Russian, but the advantage of using Google Chrome as a web-browser is that you can translate any foreign website into English, and read it obsessively - like I did yesterday!

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This was a very, very, sad news we heard on our way to the beach this past weekend. I must admit though, it did seem like she had reached a point of no return with her drug addiction.

I just hope she is resting in peace, and is in a much better place right now. Regardless of all her issues, she was an incredibly talented young woman, and will be terribly missed by her family, friends, and fans from all around the world.

And here are some of her songs I adored: