June 2011

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I have to say, I felt pretty damn spoiled this birthday! Apart from the wonderful gifts I received from my husband (Boston trip, Antigua getaway and shopping spree), and the early gifts I received from my mother in law (a new camera and something else), I also got a few surprises throughout the week that really warmed my heart, and touched me deeply.

Let me just say that it has been a while since I received birthday gifts from people other than my family and my husband, so when I say that I felt deeply touched, I truly mean it!

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I am a huge coffee lover, so when I heard that when applied topically, coffee can provide the highest amount of antioxidants for your skin, I was thrilled! And if you aren't aware of the benefits of antioxidants, here is a short summary:

1. It helps heal and repair damage caused by the elements (pollution, sun exposure, etc.) and it's been proven that if you apply an antioxidant cream before your SPF, your SPF will work a lot better.
2. It helps diminish and prolong signs of aging by assisting in the production of collagen and elastin.

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It seems like everyone is having a baby lately. Seriously, "baby talk" is all around me no matter where I look! But surprisingly, for the very first time in my life, I don't mind it at all. I know...I'm shocked myself! I guess it's life's natural course finally coming to me. I mean, what's going on? Lately, I have been falling in love with pretty much anything that is tiny, pink, fluffy, or that has animal prints all over. Oh, and don't even get me started on little monogrammed silver spoons, and baby fine china!

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I'm not one for parties anymore. Well, unless it's a house party filled with only the people I love. When I go out to bars or clubs (sometimes even concerts) here in Guatemala, I get very annoyed very fast. There's people pushing and bumping onto me, the music is so loud you can barely talk, and almost everyone here smokes and drinks as if the world was ending tomorrow. I come home and I smell like an ashtray, my throat hurts from screaming, and I have drink stains all over my clothes.
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I love scarves, and I am pretty sure you all do too, but did you know that there are endless ways you can tie them, and endless ways you can wear them? Who knew such a simple accessory could be so practical!

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Bloggers in Brazil are a serious business. With lots of sponsorships and millions of readers a month, some brazilian bloggers are really changing the way the media works, and how fashion (particularly brazilian fashion) gets interpreted around the world.

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Friday was one of our friend's birthday and to celebrate his special day, he got everybody together for a fun night at Boca Delobo restaurant.

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If you really know anything about makeup, you know that Pat McGrath is the queen of all makeup artists. She's the woman responsible for many of the beauty trends we try to follow every single day, and for the runway makeup of several design houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Prada, Miu Miu and Comme des Garçons. In just one fashion season, Pat is known to do more than 27 major shows. Now, that's a whole lot of work!

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On Tuesday, my husband and I went to see the art exhibition of local artists at Museum Ixchel, a beautiful museum of Mayan Textiles that I HIGHLY recommend you visit if you ever make your way down here. I know that I definitely have plans to return with a bit more time to explore a subject that I love, and care so much about, and that was once a huge part of my family's life.