May 2011

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Saturday night was the much awaited bridal cocktail for Gisa & Peter (my sister-in-law and her fiance) at Tamarindos restaurant here in Guatemala. Tamarindos really never disappoints; the place looked great (as it always does), the food was delish, the service was good and the wine was outstanding (thanks to Corchos). But most importantly, the couple looked stunning and very, very happy!

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Alright, this girl is too cute. I cannot get enough of her! She's really like a little woman! If pictures of Suri won't make you want a little girl for yourself, then I don't know what will- seriously!

Suri is a total fashionista, so her spot on "Style Crush" is very well deserved! Each one of her outfits is cuter than the other and she's a real trendsetter! She wears (faux) fur, tutu's, trench coats, adorable sun dresses, leggings of all colors and patterns, and like any fashionista, she LOVES shoes and handbags! Can't get any cuter than that, right?

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As I have been mentioning in Facebook a million times this past few weeks, this Wednesday I am leaving to Boston for a few days. I am so excited to be going back to the place I called home for so many years, and to visit all of my friends whom I haven't seen in quite some time, and miss very, very much. But don't worry girls, I am going to be taking TONS of pictures and I will be posting every single day (as usual) just from a different and much more exciting setting.

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Friday was a very special day for Gian & I. We felt honored that my sister-in-law asked us to accompany her & her fiance to their wedding and rehearsal dinner menu tastings in La Reunion Golf Resort (one of our favorite resorts) and Finca Filadelfia (the first hotel I ever stayed here in Guatemala- 5 years ago!)

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I want to end this week by thanking all of you for all the comments you have been posting lately! I ALWAYS love receiving and reading them. You may wonder, "why does she have to approve all the comments before they are posted?" Well I do that, so I can read each and every single one of them as they come! So you can rest assured that I do read what you write! Yup, every single one. Comments not only give me feedback on what I write (which is great) but most importantly, they are a way for me get to know YOU better, and have a more direct contact with YOU.

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I've have been craving this deliciously sinful mini cake ever since I saw this recipe on Cupcakes & Cashmere - so thanks, Emily! Lucky for me though, when my husband and I decided to stop by Vinoteca on zone 14 to have a cup of coffee (and a snack), I spotted a few of these babies and just HAD to order one to satisfy my craving. And oh my, were they delicious! Yum, yum, I want more!

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I've been obsessed with DVF ever since I bought my very first wrap dress 5 years ago (we all know she's the mastermind behind those dresses, right?). Her dresses are so feminine, so colorful and always have intriguing patterns and designs, almost making them a wardrobe staple for every woman.

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Alright girls, it's time to get intimate and have a girl- to- girl chit chat. How many of you have suffered from" headlights?" How about a case of "peekaboo?" And wait, have you ever worn the wrong undies that gave you "panty line issues", especially when wearing work pants? How about when you wore that tank top and your bra straps came out to play? Oh yes, we've all gone through that, no? Well, I know I have - several times! BUT those embarrassing little moments stopped ever since I made a few necessary investments and well...discovered a woman's best kept secrets.

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It's no surprise to you ladies that I am completely OBSESSED with fine china, right? In my opinion, you can never have enough. You should have one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner - at the very least! And I think you should use your fine china EVERY SINGLE DAY. What's the point in saving them for special occasions only? So when they break you get upset? Get the use of your china, girls! Make every day a special occasion! I promise every meal will taste better! =D

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Sunday is always a lazy day for the hubby & I. We usually like to stay in, watch tons of movies, and recuperate our energy for the upcoming week. However, this past Sunday we decided to do something different and pay a visit to my mother-in-law. We love spending quality time with her, and this time was no different; we had pasta (a Sunday family tradition), ice cream and talked for hours and hours. I'm extremely lucky to have such an amazing woman as my mother-in-law. She's someone to truly admire and look up to.