Shadow Day

Shadow Day


Today's "Look of The Day" really is today's look of the day. We had to run so many errands during the weekend that none of my outfits were really picture-worthy. Actually, now that I think of it, I ended up wearing my gym clothes for the majority of my day, both days. 

As you'll see, today's look is quite casual. Since I'm being "shadowed" for an interview for Al Jazeera- being photographed while living my day-to-day routine- I figured why not share what I wear everyday, when I have no events, meetings or special activities? After all, I don't dress up all the time...this is me if you were to run into me on a normal, uneventful day (t-shirt, jeans, flats).

Take a look:

T-Shirt: Alexander Wang    Jeans: AG Jeans    Shoes: Salvatorre Ferragamo    

Earrings: Alessa Designs    Necklaces: Alessa Designs   Bracelets: Alessa Designs   

Until next time!