It's The Simple Things...

It's The Simple Things...


Hi everyone, I'm sorry the "Simple Things" post is a little late. With my dad in town, last week was impossibly chaotic. It was so good to have him around. It's funny how (sometimes) you don't really realize how much you've missed someone until they are right there, next to you.

I think this time my dad got to enjoy Guatemala a lot more than his previous visits. We climbed the volcano, went for daily runs, visited Tecpan and the ruins of Iximche, ran a few errands together and lastly, relaxed at the beach for a couple of days. As always, we spent hours and hours talking about a number of subjects but mostly, he encouraged me...reminding me to remain strong, optimistic and to be myself- at all times. It's easy to lose ourselves during the craziness of everyday life, so it's important to have people around us who bring out only the best in us.

And before I leave you to head out and do a little bit of gardening, here's a quick summary of the "Simple Things" of the week:

1. Morning "Power Juices" - After listening to great feedbacks from some friends and watching the movie "Hungry For Change", my husband and I couldn't help but to buy a juicer and give "juicing" a try. Every morning we have a glass with a mixture of vegetables, fruits and herbs to help give us a natural "boost" and eat all the nutrients we need. My favorite recipe thus far is a combination of beets, carrots, oranges, cilantro, parsley, celery and a little bit of ginger.

2. Our volcano expedition - adventurous, fun, unforgettable, painful, breathtakingly beautiful and totally worth it! Now, I am all geared-up and ready for our future expeditions!

3. New Orchid Plant - After all my orchid plants died a few months ago, I decided to purchase another one and see if I can make it survive longer than 3 months. I'm horrible with plants, unfortunately I did not inherit my parents' green thumbs, but I'm not giving up just yet!

4. Dad relaxing at the beach. Always reading, always learning. I miss you already, Painho!

Happy Monday, everyone!