Designing For The Little Ones

Designing For The Little Ones


Hello ladies! You know how it is so tempting to buy clothes for kids, just because everything just looks so much cuter being small?! Well, I guess the same goes for design! A tiny little Ghost chair (the pink and red ones in the first picture) or a Verner Panton chair (the curved pink one in the first picture) just makes me smile.

I love designing kids' rooms as they are fun to do and color-wise you can usually do so much more than in your average adult room. I personally love the combination of soft pastels with some bright neon accents, spicing it up and making it visually stimulating. On the other hand, there is definitely something to be said for calm, neutral tones in the bedroom of a little one, it's soothing to the eye, making them feel peaceful and relaxed.

Just like a room for a grownup, it all depends on their character, style and what they love. Today I wanted to show you some kids’ rooms that I find very inspiring as they go beyond "bears and princesses". They are funky, fun, original and "too cool for school". Take a look at the fresh design pieces, the gorgeous colors and the cute accessories, like the beautiful bird houses and the paint-on-walls. As with any other room, it's important to remember not to just fill it with lot's of little nice items, but to choose a few bigger pieces (even, or especially if the room is small) and add to that special details and accessories.  

Kids love to be involved in the decision making and buying process and they love the fun of making their room theirs!



Machteld Oosterbaan de Benard

Owner & Interior Designer of Mezzanine Home