{ The Nutty Food Lover } - El Tenedor del Cerro

{ The Nutty Food Lover } - El Tenedor del Cerro

{ Hi girls, to start our "Semana Santa," I want to share a very special post by The Nutty Food Lover. Special because, as most of you know, this restaurant is located right next to the platforms where my husband and I held our wedding reception...Enjoy!! }
Holy Week is quickly upon us and for a lot of people that means travel. That was going to be us as well until an unexpected expense forced us to get creative. So this year, we’re going to be in town enjoying what Guatemala City has to offer during these days. One place that we recently visited and very much enjoyed was El Tenedor del Cerro, a Restaurant property of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo.
Though the beautiful view was slightly dampened by the fog the day we went, this place is like a dream world. Though the some of the sculptures are a little quirky, there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces on the drive up that make it all seem like part of an adventure that you just can’t wait to immerse yourself in.
As a starter, I got the Chapina Soup, which has avocado, chicken, coriander, and some vegetables cut in a perfect Brunoise. The soup came accompanied with a Tamal made with Chipilin and a mini baguette that looked beautiful though it was, as I’ve found with most of the local bread, a little too soft for my taste. I personally like it crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
We decided to go with the pizza and I got the chicken curry pizza. Great flavors, every ingredient just burst with its own little addition to the overall experience. You could tell that they carefully assembled this coaxing a lot of flavor out of each element.
My wife went with the shrimp pesto pizza. This is another one of those instances where I can’t stress enough that you should go with the dish that you really want. The pizza sounded good but it was a particular flavor combination that she doesn’t really care for. So being the good husband that I am, I helped her along and shared some of mine. That’s not to say it’s not good, it’s just that for some people it’s just OK, and for others it can be amazing. The beauty of choice in food!
It was great to share my adventures with you wonderful people once again, and a big thanks to Barbara for sharing this space with me! 
Happy eating!


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that place looks beautiful!! and the food looks delicious!! *sigh* I miss Guate! - Thanks for sharing!