• I have always loved Indian food. The rich combination of spices and herbs used in their cuisine is nothing short of mouthwatering and amazing—it awakens all my senses.

  • This past weekend was a lot of fun. Since a good friend is in town for a few days, we joined him and his girlfriend for a day well spent in Antigua...

  • This week I really struggled to get back to my normal routine. Suffering from an excruciating neck injury—which resulted in a bad inflammation, making me unable to even move my arms—all I really wanted to do was lie in bed and read all day, everyday.

  • I know that shorts aren’t very popular here in Guatemala, being a very conservative country and all, but even though I’ve been living here for four years- okay, almost five- this still baffles me.

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If you follow me in Instagram (@barbaramarsicovetere) you know that my husband and I left to Dallas last Thursday in order to attend our niece’s first birthday, which took place on Saturday. As you’ve probably noticed, every time we travel I come back with a number of new beauty products, some of which I get very excited about and just have to share with you. This time, I want to proclaim my love for Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub.


Unlike handbags, I am very particular when it comes to shoes. Although I’ve been loyal to only a handful of shoe designers for a number of years, every now and then, someone new comes and captures my attention. This is the case with Sophia Webster.


Remember when I said I was ready for summer? I wasn't. I wasn't even remotely mentally prepared to endure this heat, especially while pregnant. Thus, I've been going out of my mind trying to find fresh, healthy recipes. On the good side, fresh dishes usually involve lots of veggies and leaves; on the bad side, I need something that leaves both my husband and I satisfied, which can be a little tricky, and a salad usually doesn't cut it.


I’ve come to find so many great and inspirational bloggers through Instagram in these past few months. Some of them are food bloggers (mostly from Australia, of all places) and others are fashion and lifestyle bloggers. One of the fashion bloggers I’ve recently discovered and have added to my daily reads is Gaby, from The Vault Files (follow her @gabyburger).


Hello ladies & gentlemen! I really like it when I stumble across a photo of some work of a highly talented interior designer like Jessica Helgerson on Pinterest, only to find out, when visiting her website, that I absolutely love all of her projects. They leave me totally inspired!